This occasion of the formation of the Iraqi government:

His Eminence's speech on

The representatives of the Iraqi people in the House of Representatives succeeded in voting to grant confidence to the new Iraqi government on this blessed night With the help of God Almighty, On this dear national occasion, we extend our best congratulations and best blessings to our beloved Iraqi people and to our brother, the Prime Minister, calling them to succeed in their great tasks, We hope that everyone will be active contributors to the success of the government's work and the implementation of its platform, which emphasized combating corruption and providing service to our dear people, and overcoming the adversities and challenges it faced during the previous era, And to be at the level of responsibility to advance the difficult reality that the Iraqis have lived through for many years, Our Iraq is the Iraq of goodness and blessings, and it needs from us nothing but integrity, sincerity, solidarity and cooperation in managing its abundant wealth and resources. And our success is only in God, in Him we rely, and in Him we seek help.

The General Secretary of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq

Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq Resistance Islamic Movement



  • Al risala Educational Foundation
  • Political bureau
  • Regulatory Central Administration Office
We are protectors and builders of our country

General policies of the movement

Adopt of shura principle

Adopt of shura principle and Making decisions and working in a team spirit

Adopt Dialogue principle

Adopt dialogue principle and respecting the others opinion

Religious Diversities

Religious Diversities: Respect for religious, sectarian and national diversity

Relying on competencies

Relying on loyal national competencies and putting the right man in the right place

systems compliance

Commitment to systems and management is a way to progress, advancement and success

Adopt of the institutional work system

With a constructive and thoughtful scientific and strategic planning that ensures the investment of available capabilities and resources

The Political environment

After The military occupation, that started in 2003, in Iraq has ended Thanks to the great sacrifices