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The cultural affairs office concludes its first stage of second batch’s “Fiteatu Al-Haq” course, entitled as (The Martyr Qassim Soleimani)

“Martyr Qassim Soleimani” Course concluded its second batch’s (Fiteatu Al-Haq ) first stage in the cultural affaires office in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf city.
Examinations were held for students throughout the five days at the course headquarters  Al-Ahed Al-Sadiq Foundation.
The program prepared by the staff of the Cultural Affairs Office included , a visit to the shrine of  Imam Ali , may peace be upon him, the Great Mosque of Kufa, and the parterre of the martyrs of  Al-Hashd ash-Shabī.

In the end, the course administration distributed the certificate of participation to the students.