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The Secretary General Sheik Qais al-Khazali Biography

:his birth and early years
Qais Bin Hadi bin Sayed bin Hassan Abd Al Al Harishawi Al Khazali ( 20 Jun – 1974/ , 30/1/1394 AH ) he was born in Baghdad in Madinat Al-Sader a place known for being the bastion of Mujahideen and revolutionaries. He grew up there till he graduated high school, to get into the geology department in

college of Sciences in Baghdad university.

A turning point
In 1994/1414 AH Shaik Qais and one of his colleagues were discussing the explanation and the reasons behind delaying the Magrib prayers for about (12 min) after the Athan ,the call to pray, in Imami Shiites school. After this discussion, and further search and study into the matter he wrote an academic and scientific research to clarify and declare the reasons for this delay. Then he decided to head to Al -Najaf Al-Ashraf , where the eminent scholars of Al Hawza to inform them of his research results.
There, Sheik Khazali met with most of the scholars and Marji’s of Al Hawza and informed them of his research results. His last stop was the place of Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad al-Sadr , who showed a great interest in Shaik Qais’s research topic . he sat with Shaik to discuss it with him for a long time and said “ this book represents a completion to my book ‘Ma Wara Al Fiqh’ print the research and I’ll take care of the publishing expenses”
The encounter did not end at that, Ayatollah Al-Sader asked Sheik Khazali to meet him in his House in Al-Hanana quarter on the same day,when he went to visit ayatollah he welcomed him and gifted him a copy of his book ‘Dia’ Al-Salihi’n” to express his appreciation and admiration of the high spirit and passion of this young faithful university student. And he commented on the research after he was briefed on the ,Islamic jurisprudential discussions of Sheikh Khazali, who had not yet studied in the Hawza, saying “ MashaAllah your research can be an ijtihad topic , and it is complementary to my book “Ma Wara Al-Fiqh”
Sheikh Al-Khazali’s research, which was admired and accepted by the martyr Ayatollah Al-Sadr, explained the reason for delaying the Maghrib prayer after Athan “the call to pray '' in the Imami Shiite school. This delay is due to the time in which the sun sets which is not equal for all the inhabitants of the same area due to the difference in the heights where they live. A person may live on the highest building of a skyscraper or a mountain or even beside the seaside ... All of this leads to variation in the duration of the sunset from one place to another, and because Islam is a religion for every time and place, the researcher assumed that the Prophet “peace be upon him” and Ahl al-Bayt “may peace be upon them” took In consideration the time difference caused by the low and high pieces of  land from the sea surface, which leads to a difference in the time of sunset (the absence of the sun completely), and after careful mathematical calculations and extensive geological studies, Sheikh Al-Khazali concluded in his research that the highest altitude that a person can inhabit is (7625) meters above sea level, which is a height that does not require more than (12) minutes for the sun to completely uncover ,and so people living in these different areas are equal in the actual sunset and “the call to pray '' during these minutes.
And it wasn’t long after that Sheik Al-Khazali joind Hawza 1414AH /1994 as The martyr Al-Sader showed him his support and encouragement ,he became a student of  Ayatollah Al-Sader And devoted himself to Hawza’s teachings and holy Heritage
His Religious knowledge and studies in Hawza
 Since Sheikh Al-Khazali began studying in Hawza and settled in Najaf to study at the school of (Imam Al-Mahdi) he studied the wise teachings of Ahl al-Bayt, next to the holy shrine of Ali bin Abi Talib “may peace be upon him.”.
And among the religious scholars who taught him   :
Sheikh Hussain Aufi / Arabic Grammar
 Sheikh Ammar Al-Khuzaie / Logic
 Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi / religious law and principles
 Sheikh Abbas Al-Rubaie / Al-Luma'
 Martyr Sheikh Hussain Al-Harthy / Al-Makasib
Ayatollah Sayad Muhammad al-Sadr / Lessons in the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an (Minna al-Manan) 
Assigning Sheikh Qais Al-Khazali to be the representative of Ayatollah Al-Sader 1997 and Vice General-Supervisor of the religious schools.
Sheikh Khazali’s scholarly ambition did not stop even after getting arrested by the American occupation on March 20, 2007 AD. After his release thanks to the strikes of the brave members of Muqawama , Sheikh Khazali continued his Hawza studies later with the top scholars and Marjis’ of Hawza in the holy city Qom, studying jurisprudence of Al-Bahith Al-Khareig With Ayatollah Sayed Kazem Al-Husseini Al-Hairi, and he studied Islamic jurisprudence and Awsoul with Ayatollah Sayed Kamal Al-Haydari.
As Ayatollah Mohammed Al-Sader saw the great scholarly qualifications and high morals of Sheikh Al-Khazali he assigned him to be one of his representatives « 1997 » he was granted this same place by Ayatollah Sayed Kazem al-Husayni al-Hairi (was given by his representative Sayed Noor al-Din al-Ashkouri) and another from Ayatollah Sayed Mahmoud Hashemi Al-Shahroudi.
His Role and duties in the era of the martyr Al-Sadr “May Allah bless his soul”
Sheikh Qais al-Khazali was not an ordinary student during the revolution of the martyr Sayyid Muhammad al-Sadr “may  Allah bless his soul”. He was the Vice General-Supervisor of the religious schools and a member of the legal rights section in the office of the Martyr Al-Sadr, with Sayed Sultan Kalanter, Sayed Muqtada Al-Sadr and Sayed Mustafa Al-Yaqoubi.
Sheikh Khazali was considered one of the bravest students of the Martyr Al-Sadr (May Allah bless his soul), till nowadays the other students of the Martyr Al-Sader remember and tell the incidents and stories that show his role and courageous personality. The martyr Ayatollah  Al-Sadr (May Allah bless his soul ) knew that the increasing number of students in Hawza Obliges the school to provide decent housing for them in the religious schools that they already have , because the tyrant Saddam did not allow them to build new schools (Hawza) for students coming from outside Najaf to live in , but some schools were a den in which some security and intelligence agents of Sadam  lived, especially in” Alqawam” school going there and conforting them to leave the school means a great risk and a public confrontation with unknown consequences with Saddam's security and followers. Which made everyone at that time refrain from asking these people to leave these schools.
However, Sheikh Qais al-Khazali did not hesitate to go himself to conforont them to vacant the school and so he fulfilled the wish of Martyr al-Sadr of getting back these schools from the tyrant’s followers . Even the martyr al-Sadr expressed great satisfaction with this step and commented on it saying: shieck has such a brave heart , be aware  danger and attack should be expected for the upcoming month.)
:The Muqauama ..a living embodiment of the Martyr Al-Sader’s School
After the end of the battles of the “Najaf Intifada” against the American occupation in September 2004
Sheikh Khazali began along with his Mujahideen brothers ,the students of the martyr al-Sadr, to establish the Islamic Muqawama movement (Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq) that stanted against the foreign occupation in Iraq and inflicted the harshest attacks on the enemy, which led to the end of the military occupation leaving in a state of humiliation and degradation.
After the operation in Holy Karbala in 2007 ,which was carried out by the heroes of “Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq from Iraq”, the American occupation intensified its intelligence efforts as it was terrified by the brave and daring operations of the Islamic Muqawama.
The intelligence agents of the American and British occupation, with all their capabilities, would not have been able to arrest the Secretary-General had it not been for their monitoring and surveillance system that enabled them to listen to the phone calls of one of his relatives, as they learned that Sheikh Khazali was in Basra for two days, and they were following him, and at that time they knew that he was in Basra.
Following Sheikh Khazali's meeting spot  with his group, the leaders of the occupation forces debated whether to arrest the group or launch a missile at their location, but they ultimately decided to arrest them.and so the occupation forces captured Sheikh Khazali with a group of Mujahideen while they were in Basra Governorate on March 20, 2007, and then he was transferred by a private military plane to Baghdad to spend the first (124) days in solitary confinement, and then stay in cropper prison in Majan. a period that allowed him to embody the school of the martyr Muhammad al-Sadr “ May Allah bless his soul” inside the prison .He reflected the mindset , thoughts and morals of his great teacher, especially in Qur’anic contemplation, which Sheikh Khazali had a long history of teaching it there.
Another prominent role Sheikh Al-Khazali played in the prison was holding Salat Al-Jumma’ (the Holy Friday prayer)inside Cropper prison, uplifting the spirit of jihad and resistance in the hearts of the prisoners through his courageous speechs , which coveyed Ayatoallah Al-Sader’s speeches «  May Allah bless his soul » .
On December 30, 2009 The heroes of the Muqawamq movement ‘Asai’b Ahlu Al-Haq » captured the British spies
 in the Ministry of Finance building in Baghdad , headed by the computer expert, the British spy (Peter Moore), and demanded the release of the captured heroes of the Muqawama, and on the head of that list was Sheikh Khazali.
Sheikh Khazali in today’s iraq is working with his brothers the Mujahideen and the Muqawama heroes ,Along with the Sadiqon bloc after winning (15) parliamentary seats,
 has sought to reform Iraqi reality and work on advancing it, especially after the historic victory over ISIS and its supporters.