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The political program of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious; Most Merciful

“And fulfill the Covenant of Allah when you have covenanted, and break not the oaths after you have confirmed them, and indeed you have appointed Allah your surety. Verily! Allah knows what you do”
 Iraq is a country that witnessed great and violent political shifts and transformations ever since the beginning when it earned a modern shape in the 1920s till nowadays. 
these transformations and events had an obvious impact that we can see in all aspects of life, from coups and tyrant rulers to military occupation and terrorism. All of that led to a destruction in the political, economic, social, and ideological structure of the Iraqi citizen despite the economic, cultural and humanitarian capabilities that Iraq has capabilities if directed appropriately and used the right way Iraq would have been a developed country, not the Way it was shown when it was absent in the United Nations Human Development index report in 2010.
Human development is a concept that enlarges to involve every aspect of Humans life from education and health to politics and economy to live a good  life and have hope of enjoying an even better future where they have all their fundamental rights, and have the ability to widen the range of their choices ,Choices related to political participation, cultural diversity as these are also a fundamental part of basic rights, that means any reform program should be developed with an awareness of the Iraqi environment in which they live.

 The Iraqi environment landmarks
The Political environment
After The military occupation, that started in 2003, in Iraq has ended Thanks to the great sacrifices made by the Iraqi people and especially those in the Islamic resistance movement and the positive role of the national politicians , but one of the trails the military occupation left behind is a political process that depends on a system that relies on consociationalism in managing the country away from any democratic system that we know of in the world. This consociationalism resulted in many problems that we can see in the political scene.  Today, a clear political dispute between politicians has extended its shadow over all the affairs of the citizens.
Security and Safety
Despite the country being freed from the obvious and direct influence of the military occupation, the threat posed by Takfiri groups, remnants of Saddam's Baathist regime, and terrorist organization, that were initially present during Saddam's era , still exists .Today, and among all of these threats, no clear arrangement of security and intelligence services exists, including legislation of laws that organize them and coordination mechanisms between them.
The Economic Environment
 Iraq is still going through a transitional period to go from planned centralized economy to, what is globally known as , Market Economy. As of now, no legislation has been enacted for this transformation, and this has had a significant impact on how the government approaches economic issues. The preparation of the budget still relies on guesswork, since the ministries and unrelated entities do not use specific standards to calculate the budget needed and instead determine the budget based on projects they intend to carry out during the fiscal year. Similarly, the revenue stream of the federal budget is largely dependent on oil and, therefore, these revenues lack diversity furthermore Iraq's economic relation with the other nations is not at the required level.
The Social Environment
 The structure of the Iraqi community is marked by its diversity, and this diverse structure has been taken advantage of either by the colonization, the takfiri extremists, the remnants of the Ba’athist regime followers or even by some politicians, turning this diversity into a tool to divide instead of a reason for peaceful coexistence. This diversity is still standing and due to the negative influence, it has been connected with the build-up of sectarian, ethnic or national sentiments, which made the concept of citizenship unfulfilled.
Legal Environment
Since Iraq's Constitution was issued under difficult circumstances some argue that  some of its provisions need to be amended, in addition to complications between the central government  the regional government and the non-regional Governorates because of the federal political system stated in the constitution , the methods followed to regulate the legal relations within this system and the unequal distribution of the national wealth between the governorates and the central (Federal) regions. In light of  these factors rose the desire of( Ahl al-Haq movement) to undertake a political project to Improve the political, financial and social situation of the Iraqi citizens by
a-    Having complete sovereignty without external interference in decision-making
 b- Emphasize Iraq's affiliation to Arabs and Islam.
c-The importance of having a constitution that guarantees the rights of all of the factions of the Iraqi Nation equally. 
d- For all Iraqis to have equal rights and duties before the law  regardless of what is their religion, language, colour, gender , ethnicity or race.
e- Recognizing the constitutional rights of those from different religions, sects , and nationalities to enjoy the freedom to express their demands and aspirations and practice their legitimate practices.
f-Adopting the democratic method that depends on the political majority based on the results of the ballot boxes, one based on the participation of citizens in political decision-making, instead of The Consensus democracy and quotas 
g- Transfer of political authority shall be made peacefully through democratic means within a Constitutional frame that depends upon representation in the elections of political pluralism ( multipartism and  pluralism of opinion) freedom of opinion, thought , the principle of separation of powers, judicial independence, , the principle of decentralized administration and Issuance of the Parties Law , furthermore it is obligatory to select the board members of the High Electoral Commission based on their efficiency.
h-the necessity to set a clear concept of terrorism that deals with the Islamic and Arabic legacy of Iraq  . The importance of guaranteeing compensation to victims of terrorism
i- Evaluate the government efficiency and effectiveness and counter administrative and financial corruption.
j- Form councils and commissions Which were stipulated in the constitution but have not been formed till now  like the Federation Council.
k-restore the security instructions and the Armed forces and ensure their independence from political intervention and politicians.
l- the issue of the disputed areas shall be resolved in As stipulated in the constitution
m- the Market Economy has disadvantages and weak points that even its supporters cannot help but acknowledge. We in Ahl Al-haq movement have diagnosed them
n- Diversified financial revenues for the government budget and support investment.
o - Plan  and systemize the  government expenditure .
p-Employ strategies for human development and developed services. 
q- build Iraq's international relations on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in its internal affairs in addition, continue working on the UN resolutions to guarantee that Iraq would exit chapter VII .
We believe that politics is the Art of achieving the interests of the country and its nation so we see that applying the principles of this project need a preparation of a detailed operational plan of each  of its components  we also believe that achieving these goals does not necessarily mean taking part in the power that rules the country rather it can be sufficient to collaborate with all the political practices that serves the final unified national aim to work together For the growth, advancement and  Economic Prosperity of our country. 
The primary principles of  Asa’ib Ahl Al-Haq political action
a-    Policy is the work done to serve the country and people, and the effort done to achieve goals without acting at a variance with the fundamentals and the principles Asa’ib Ahl Al-Haq believes in.
b-     The political action of Asa’ib Ahl Al-Haq as a whole is a mean to achieve the supreme interests of the Iraqi country in preserving its sovereignty, assuring its freedom of choice, achieving social and economic welfare and stabilization of security for our people according to the potentials available.
c-      We believe in the importance of the constitution, but we also believe that the constitution of Iraq, which was written under certain circumstances, involves many sections that need to be revised and accommodated according to the nature and the needs of the Iraqi people.
The general principles of Asa’ib Ahl Al-Haq
Our party adopts general principles in performing its legal and patriotic duties, represented as follows

a-    Respecting the diversity in religion, sectarianism and nationalism 
b-    Adopting the principle of dialogue, respect for the opinions of others and never resorting to enforced beliefs.
c-     Adopting the principle of consultation (Shura) in decision-making and teamwork.
d-    Implementation of an institutional work style in a purposeful scientific and strategic planning that is well-devised, guaranteeing the investments of the available potentials and resources in order to achieve the supreme goals ensuring the benefit of the Iraqi people.
e- Adhere to specific systems and measures as a way to achieve development, growth and success.
f- Depending on the loyal, patriotic and efficient staff, placing the right man on the right place.
 sustainable development of human energy by targeting the moral, intellectual, social and physical dimensions of the human being
The Political vision
Asa’ib Ahl Al-Haq’S vision on the political situation depends on the following main principles
Islam and the state administration
We believe that Islam is Allah’s rightful religion, the divine law (sharia’) of our master Muhammed the messengers of Allah and the path of his righteous family (Ahlu Al Bayt), and its proper application taken from its true sources accomplishes the happiness of the present life and the life to come. We also believe that Islam is a comprehensive system comprehending all aspects of life including the intellectual, social, economic, Political, cultural aspects and more.
The Political System
We believe that the appropriate classification of the current political process is as a state of (political feudalism) which highly resembles the agricultural feudalism Iraq has witnessed in the early 1900’s.
This state has left the fate of the country and the future of its people in the hands of a selected group of oppressive individuals, their families and their associates which exhausted the people of all classes with overexertion without granting them their basic fundamental rights, we also believe that the responsibility of confronting this feudalism is a legal and patriotic duty supporting the underprivileged, the oppressed and the disadvantaged.
After evaluating the political experience of the country’s system of governance after 2003, which lead the country to this difficult state after 13 years of the bitter experience, we introduce our vision represented by the necessity to find viable solutions for the persistent issues, this is achieved by departing from the parliamentary government that turned the political process into spoils and profits converting the political leaderships into political feudalisms and distributing the positions and resource in accordance to the mechanism of consensus democracy which presented a route for the the current parliamentary government. And we see that the political system which we demanded to follow to save the political reality from what fell upon it, also which guarantees majority rule and enforcement of the federal government despite all the justifications and alibis given by the political associates, who refused this proposal claiming the incompatibility with the Iraq’s political system, that it will bring back the dictatorial authority which Iraq had a hard time disposing from again – , and in case the political system does not get the required approval, we can in the meantime discuss proposing a semi-presidential system or even modifying the current system and the adoption of the political majority in place of consensus democracy which is currently implemented, this does not mean modifying the current system - the parliamentary- , but we call forth the Iraqi people for the need to take action through the ballot to achieve a sufficient number of deputy candidates for the chamber of deputies who believe in the political majority, due to the difficulty in changing the system, as what we see most important is addressing the main defect which became evident in the Iraqi political systems after 2003.
The Legislature
Our organization’s view point on how the legislature should be is
a-    Belief in peaceful alternation of power and respecting the election results.
b-    Presence of quorum of the legislature through forming the federal council as stated in the Iraqi constitution.
c-     The parliament should play its oversight and legislative role by what facilitates and reforms the job of the federal government.
d-    The requirement of the deputy to advance into representing all sections of Iraqis corresponding to the oath they took and not to confine in presenting only the group which selected them.
 The Executive branch
 The organization’s viewpoint on the government work and the executive branch is summarized by developing the strategic plans that the country adopts in what fits the potentials and the calibres it possesses, to achieve the supreme goals that serves the benefits of the people and observing the optimal execution and perfect performance. The formation of the government based on the political majority, where all factions of people are represented overlooking the shares of the major political parties. And so the selection of the ministers should be based on professionalism and moral excellence away from partisan, to prevent the ministries from becoming accessible to the advantage of those parties on account of the people’s true benefits and needs. The minister should be responsible and obligated before the prime minister and the legislature and not their bloc or party, working on the active role of the financial and administrative oversight institutions and their development on scientific backgrounds obliged by transparency and integrity, and the necessity for all the government actions to be based on an integrated scientific program inclusive to providing the citizen’s varied needs and guaranteeing the leisure and happiness for all the spectrums and varieties of the Iraqi society.
The Judicial branch
We believe that the judiciary is a fundamental pillar to a successful country, therefore it is necessary to emphasize on the judicial independence, not allowing for external pressure to influence its neutrality and justice, but the importance of full support in the way it guarantees justice and assurance to the people in protecting their rights and benefits from offence. And so it’s important to initiate new legislations and decisions in accommodation to the change the current nature of the political and social phases went through, and the most importantly is promulgation of law of the higher judicial council in what achieves these goals, especially since the judicial organization Act No.160 for the year 1979 of the former regime which is no longer capable of fulfilling the requirements of the new phase, and so the urgent need to issue such law becomes evident, to be compatible with the nature of the current phase and its goals and guarantees a proficient and evolved judiciary capable of comprehending the nature of the democratic transformations after deliberating the obstacles facing the judicial reality, And conducting studies related to the judicial specialties contributing to the developing of such reality. And therefore, optimizing the judiciary and its efficiency, and emphasizing that the judiciary is independent and subject to no authority other than the law. Also, through precision and expedition in resolution of the cases presented to ensure that the rights of the people involved are delivered without any delay. And the elimination of the vexatious appeal which is sought to delay resolutions and obstruction of justice especially for those who are convicted and sentenced on terrorism cases, which is achieved by modifying some of the regulations in force, especially as we are facing an exceptional circumstance manifested by increased number of the members of the Blasphemous groups, which imposes the support of judiciary and the expeditious legislation of strict laws encountering those groups, in what achieves the protection of the judiciary from manipulation and abasement in order to reach a fair trial of the case observed, and by a public hearing done with transparency including the judicial safeguards for all the parties included In  the case.
 The Service aspect
This aspect has the utmost importance to the Iraqi citizen as it affects all aspects of daily life. Unfortunately, this aspect suffers from evident deterioration which negatively influences the individual, families and society in general. And from here we see the necessity to correct the orientation of the federal government policy and providing the local government more authority to carry out its role in  supplying the required services to the citizens with high efficiency and proficiency, to be directed to deliver the best public services to the individual and society, like electricity, drinking water, transportations infrastructures and bridges as well as other social services like telecommunications, banking services and specialized hospitals. And the importance of doing justice by the provinces that suffer from great negligence and severe shortage in the standard of services, and prioritizing them in the federal government plans and providing the basic necessities of life, decent livelihood and essential services.
The Economic aspect
The Iraqi economy suffers from substantial  difficulties and challenges as it is still a single dimensional rentier economy with full dependence on the oil sector, while other sectors becoming powerless and disappearing, and the constitutional conduct of the economic issues was incomplete and lacked relevant laws, as well as the discrepancy between adopting the market mechanism and the transformation and privatization program, in addition to the abstruseness of the development plans of the economic sectors.
In this aspect we focus on the topics below
 a-  Despite Iraq's ownership of a tremendous oil wealth, it is still a single financial resource. It is of great importance to have an economic system charting a course to a sustainable and  broad-based growth through the targeted sectoral policies and budgetary allocations.
b-    Encouraging and regulating investment which contributes to the economic advancement and the importance of planning the optimal investment for (petrodollar) imports in establishing strategic projects intended to develop Iraqi provinces (oil producing and non-oil producing), improving their services and constricting their infrastructure.
c-     Adopting development policies aimed to improve the social and living standards for the Iraqi individual through building educational institutions formed on the right basis and conceptions, providing employment opportunities and social services.
d-    The importance of establishing a scientific economic system that is directed towards the social and economic growth and development, with guaranteed sustenance of this direction through legal-institutional-governing frameworks that are obligatory for all the associates of the Iraqi society.
e-    Transitioning from excessive dependence on the oil sector into an economic diversity that is able to operate all the potentials and financial and human resources available in the economy and society.
f-      Reforming the incentive and support systems in aim to facilitates a growth that effectively creates more employment opportunities in the private sector through  
      Building a modern competitive industrial sector.
   Supporting the agricultural sector and adopting an agricultural policy aimed to invest the agricultural lands to cover domestic demand as the first stage and to export surplus as the second.
       Building the service sector on modern foundations, especially the tourism, banking, communication and transportation sectors.
The Administrative aspect 
 The solutions of the administrative aspect of the country and according to the party’s viewpoint lie in 
a-    The importance of the disposal of the traditional method that is still controlling most of the country’s aspects, which does not believe in change and the new era and is adherent to the former culture and procedures, which became unable to keep up with the rapid pace of the development in all fields, and the necessity to keep the young potentials who believe in administrative development away from the remnants, build-ups and complications of the past.
b-    Adopting competence, righteousness and career progression calibers in selecting the administrators to eliminate the parties quota that exhausted the countrys institutions and either emptied it from the potentials and elites or marginalized it for the benefit of the partisans.
c-     Activating electronic governance to link all the state institutions with each other to eliminate the administrative routine and improving the quality of the government services provided to the citizens and society.
d-    Reforming the service and retirement laws according to the actual needs of the Iraqi citizens.
The Financial aspect
 The financial corruption in state institutions is the product of a triad represented by political quota and its analogous, the abundance of administrative error and the discrepancy and conflict between the old and new regulations, in addition to pairing the politics, economics and business together by most political parties and lists, which now own companies operating inside and outside of Iraq, which lead to transferring many contracts and transactions to a known and limited groups away from the specialized and experienced authorities.
As the current reforms are still lacking and substandard, the performance of the commission of integrity, inspectors general offices and the bureau of financial audit is disappointing, especially as these devices are politically infiltrated and divided according to the insufferable quota, and their procedures are restricted making them of no use if they were not factors keeping the corruption, as the number of the corruption cases referred to the court exceeds 6 thousand annually.
And in  Asa’ib Ahl Al-Haq we see that the solutions are represented by  
a-    Reforming the regulations related to the commission of integrity, in addition to excluding it from the political quota, with emphasis upon promoting the culture of anti-corruption of the political class, and not considering it as political targeting.
b-    Reinforcing the state institutions responsible for oversight and integrity to attain non-interference of the authorities and responsibilities.
c-     Stressing on providing guarantees to all special grades and their first-degree relatives.
d-    Legislate a law to activate the principle of Min Ayen Laka Hatha?)  (where did you get this___?) to limit unjust enrichment.
e-    Activating the role of the bureau of financial audit.
f-      Submitting the final calculations of the general budget.
g-    Activating the judiciary's role in countering financial and administrative corruption and prosecuting those who are responsible for wasting the general money and recovering the stolen assets.
 The Educational aspect
 Despite many years passing since the fall of the dictatorial regime, Iraq is still clearly falling behind in curriculum development and teaching methods and suffers from severe shortage in the number of  school buildings, so there rises the need to reform and develop these curriculums to keep up with the worldwide requirements of development, to be capable of developing and building the capacities of our generations according to an advanced scientific level, and stressing on reforming the religious, historical and educational curriculums in accordance to the historical facts of the true Islamic religion and the biography (seerah) of the righteous family of the prophet Mohammed (Ahlu Al-Bayt) (may peace be upon them). And attending to the Iraqi universities and institutes, encouraging scientific research and studies these universities issue and rewarding innovators and scholars. It is of high importance to attend to the professors and teachers’ sections and improve their standard of living, in what provides them a decent life that suits the great effort they afford in preparing the new generations.
Eliminating corruption, achieving security and building a state of institutions based on justice and prosperity, cannot be achieved unless the initiative was taken to adopt an advanced educational system that is capable of keeping up with the developing era.

Foreign Affairs 

We believe in the importance of positive communication with the regional and international environment, and so we believe that there is a true need to revise the working mechanism of Iraqi embassies and representations in all nations of the world, and appointing ambassadors and employees for the diplomatic corps, also stressing on the importance of activating the work of the diplomatic service in countering vexation from the countries supporting it and publishing documents condemning these countries in the international forums which should be an important part of the diplomatic functions of our international missions. In addition to the optimal investment of partnerships, the ones achieved and the ones to be achieved with some of the regional and global powers for the best interest of our country, and activating Iraq’s presence within the international organizations and agencies, as Iraq cannot play its vital regional and global role without the presence of diplomatic action and great efforts in planning and coordinating the foreign affairs.