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Asai’b Ahlu Al-Haq issues a statement in memory of the undefeated Bahraini uprising

 Asai’b Ahl Al-Haq  issued a statement in memory of the Bahraini uprising against the blood-guilty and criminal regime of the House of Khalifa
These passing days mark the 11th anniversary of the uprising of the patient warriors of the Bahraini people against the tyranny of the bloodguilty and criminal regime of the House of Khalifa, which synchronised with what is now known as the Arab Spring. This big uprising led by the Bahraini scholars and rebellious youths, on the 14th of February, was opposed by the heads of the House of Saud and the House of Khalifa with brutality that crossed all limits, resulting in the martyrdom of hundreds, the imprisonment of thousands of Bahraini men, woman and youths and the assassination of children while still in the mother’s womb, all happened despite it being a peaceful protest with rightful humanitarian demands.
At the same time we congratulate our people in this oppressed country on the anniversary of such a great mission, that is precious to the hearts of the free and honorable all around the world, we invite the international and Islamic organisations and institutions to play their required role in helping the fraternal Bahraini people with their crisis and saving them from the oppression of the aggressive regime of Al Khalifa, which turned the country into a centre for gathering up the mercenaries, who have sold their souls, and announced the normalisation with the Zionist entity confirming their treason and involvement with the enemies of Allah and humanity.
May mercy and pleasure of Allah be upon the martyrs of the Bahraini uprising,
May the heroes and righteous men bask in glory and immortality,
Victory only comes from Allah, in him do we put our trust and him do we ask for help.