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the electoral act should be amended as it doesn't meet the will of the voters, says Sheik Al-Khazali

Sheikh Qais Khazali, Secretary-General of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq movement, called for the amendment of the electoral act during the upcoming stage, while confirming that the prime minister position belongs to the largest component and the bloc with the largest number of members
Sheik Al-Khazali stated in a televised interview “  The electoral act that follows districts and regions does not meet the will of the voters indicating that the law was designed so one party would benefit at the expense of another, while he considered that the tripartite alliance benefited most from the change in election act
Additionally, his eminence said that according to the German Examining Company's report revealed that one of the UN-provided electoral bodies was responsible for fraud, and this caused him to have a heated discussion with Plasschaert about fraud
Sheikh Khazali also called for changing the Electoral Commission after it proved its failure in managing the electoral process, indicating that all evidence of election fraud was submitted to the judiciary and the Federal Court formed a committee of experts, pointing out that the framework's approval on the Federal Court's decision regarding election fraud served to maintain the state’s integrity
Sheikh Khazali explained that the government cannot be formed without mutual understanding between the different parties, this is especially true since there have been hints of political changes after the Saturday and Wednesday sessions
Furthermore, His Eminence noted that the external willpower that brought the tripartite alliance together might as well be the reasons of its disintegration especially that the UAE is now convinced of not siding with a Sunni party over a Shiite party, revealing that there will be changes in the Arab region, especially in the Emirates
Additionally, talking about the Sadrist bloc “Despite the Shiite framework sending a written answer agreeing to the 12 demands Al-Sadr submitted before adding two new points after negotiations with al-Amiri regarding the prime minister, the Sadrist bloc did not send messages of reassurance to us and demanded the dissolution of Al-Ḥashd ash-Shaʿbī
He proceeded saying we were stunned to say the least when the tripartite alliance was announced by the Sadrist bloc despite the negotiations that went between our blocs , revealing that Al-Sader demanded the prime ministership and a twelve-ministry cabinet, sheik also stated that The Framework will not accept a Sadrist government, but rather a prime minister whom Al-Sader chooses
Lastly his eminence emphasised that he does not question Sayed Muqtada Al-Sader’s loyalty to his country but he is just wondering if Sayed Muqtada Al-Sader is aware that the oil of Kurdistan is being sold to Israel