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Al-Rubaie: As we observe the outcomes of the framework meeting, there is a clear indication that the forces are aligned and that the balance of forces is preponderant

On Saturday The office of the spokesman for the Political Bureau of Al-Sadiqoun Movement, Mahmoud al-Rubaie, confirmed, that the outcomes of the last meeting of the coordination framework were a clear indication of the strong cohesion between the framework unit
Al-Rubaie stated, in a press interview, that “In the statement provided by the coordination framework, which is the result of the dialogue and discussion that took place during the meeting, we are able to clearly see the cohesive nature of the Framework forces and their significance in providing accurate treatment that will be processed over the next two days by the completion of the general national initiative in consultation and negotiation with political entities and independents
He added that " A presentation of the national initiative will be held after serious discussions with all political forces and national figures, the statement issued today is not the initiative, it is rather a statement of the outcomes of today's meeting"