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Asaib Ahl al-Haq strongly condemns the deviant calls to demolish the shrines of the imams

On Monday, Asaib Ahl alHaq movement strongly condemned the deviant calls made by preachers belonging to the group of Mahmoud al-Sarqi to demolish the holy shrines of  The House of Prophecy “ Ahlu Al-Bait” (peace be upon them) and the shrines of the Awliya Allah and the righteous fellows
"Within the faithfull atmosphere of the holy month of Ramadan, false calls rose from the rostrum of one of the stray groups, for a distasteful chant that carries the smell of hatred and reveals a deviant ideology that seeks to penetrate our social circles, as preachers belonging to the group called Mahmoud al-Sarqi announced his demand to demolish the sacred holy shrines of “ Ahlu Al-Bait” (peace be upon them) and the shrines of Awliya Allah and the righteous fellows during a sermon for Friday prayers in a number of our dear provinces"
 the statement emphasized that  "While Asaib Ahl al-Haq condemns these false protests targeting the beliefs of the Muhammadi Muslims and a clear violation of the principles of Islamic doctrine and the fatwas of our great Marjis (May God bless them), it also calls on the Iraqi government and public prosecution to take strict legal measures against these and other seditionists associated with anti-Islamic and anti-Iraqi agendas., and
calls for a firm response to these shameful behaviors and warn against their spread and penetration 

Additionally the statement emphasized that the faith of Iraqis and their loyality to Ahlu Al-Bait cannot and will not  allow the misleading currents that is way far and disassociated with our noble and sacred Hawza to transcend the sacred and noble values that were, and will continue to be, a beacon and a source of inspiration that illuminates the path of truth, justice and righteousness "